365bet官网中文登陆致力于成为一个多元化的, inclusive and equity-centered champion for the health and well-being of Coloradans. We collaborate with organizations and communities across the state to break down the many systemic barriers to achieving health and well-being. 因为种族主义和种族不公正是卫生不平等的主要驱动因素, 我们所做的一切都优先考虑有色人种社区, and we advocate for and invest in solutions and policies that drive health equity and racial justice.
  • 健康是一项基本人权. Every person and community has the right to have what they need to live healthy lives.
  • 人的身份是多层次的. 一个人的身份由多个相互交叉的因素组成,比如种族, 种族, 性别认同, 性取向, 残疾, 社会经济地位, 原产国, 宗教和其他. 这些层相交并重叠, creating interconnected systems of privilege and oppression that keep health out of reach for some.
  • 我们承认我们是问题的一部分. The Foundation exists in a philanthropic field born of fortunes made by racist policies that have exploited and oppressed people of color. We must grapple with our inherent power in a system that has historically disregarded and even perpetuated racial injustice.
  • 我们有时需要成为一个破坏者——并成为解决方案的一部分. The most impactful role we can play is to call attention to and disrupt systems that keep health out of reach for communities of color — and use our learning as a model for the philanthropic field.
  • 我们的工作有三点指导 基石 这些都是我们所做的“必须要做的”: We do everything with the intent of creating health equity; we serve Coloradans who have less power, 特权与收入, and we prioritize Coloradans of color; and we are informed by community and those we exist to serve. We expect our 合作伙伴 to prioritize these 基石 in their work to ensure we never stray from our goals.
  • We cultivate an organizational culture and operational approach that prioritize equity, 公正和包容实践. We continually implement and evolve antiracist practices that prioritize and advance equity and justice across all that we do.
  • 我们优先考虑关键的“颠覆杠杆”,以最大限度地发挥影响. We developed an internal racial justice framework to ensure that our work centers health equity and racial justice practices. This framework includes the tools we use to disrupt inequitable and racist systems, 比如分配财政资源, 有意义地参与社区活动, 培养有意识的关系, 推进公共话语, catalyzing more just policies and practices and intentionally wielding our power while elevating power in community.
  •  我们对自己负责. As an organization focused on pursuing racial justice to achieve health equity, 我们通过收集和分享对公众负责 显示我们进步的数据 我们如何将种族和民族作为工作的中心. 这些责任表明,随着时间的推移,我们的投资如何, 顾问, 合作伙伴, grantees and staff encapsulate and represent diverse experiences and perspectives. We collect demographic data on the Foundation’s staff and Board of Directors and request key demographic data from grant applicants to help us understand how our 合作伙伴 approach the work of advancing equity. 
At the Foundation, our core values embrace inclusivity, cultural understanding and language justice. We're committed to extending our mission as active contributors and catalysts for positive change within Colorado's communities to all its residents, 特别是近12%的人说西班牙语. 
我们承认说西班牙语的人面临多方面的挑战. 我们认识到解决语言障碍, 以及文化和无障碍需求, 减少这些差距是否至关重要. 我们的宗旨是建立真诚, 信任关系,从不同的经历和观点中获益. We're dedicated to laying out a clear path to better engage with diverse communities, 尊重他们珍视的语言和文化.
我们在这方面的努力是有目的和战略性的, 跨越多年的探索, 内部各职能部门的学习和细致规划. It reflects our profound commitment to creating meaningful connections with Spanish speakers through language access and cultural relevance. 这一战略努力基于以下几个关键原则和见解:
  • 语言作为障碍: We understand that language is a significant barrier contributing to unfair treatment and inequality.
  • 优先考虑西班牙语: 虽然我们致力于为所有语言社区服务, we prioritize engaging with Spanish speakers while remaining open to considering additional languages in the future. 
  • 员工教育: We proactively involve our staff in education and training related to language justice, recognizing that fostering a bilingual organization necessitates a shared dedication to learning and growth.
  • 谦逊与学习: We approach this work humbly, acknowledging that there's always room for improvement. Continuous learning and development are integral to better serving Spanish-speaking communities.
  • 利用动力: 我们利用科罗拉多州慈善领域的现有势头, understanding that collaboration and shared objectives can lead to broader positive outcomes.
  • 策略性资源分配: 内部和外部, we strike a balance between resource allocation and effectiveness to ensure sustainable commitment to language justice and accessibility.
  • 研究: Actively engaging with Spanish speakers in Colorado and the philanthropic sector helps us understand their needs, 障碍与愿望. 研究项目, 比如西班牙脉冲民意调查和短信研究, 指导我们量身定制的方法. 
  • 员工参与和学习: 我们的员工起着至关重要的作用. Equipping them with education and tools fosters their meaningful contribution to language justice.
  • 人力资源: 我们正在制定人力资源政策,以解决招聘和留住员工的问题, extending our commitment to inclusivity across all facets of our organization.
  • 通讯: 我们的沟通策略, 从召集、营销到评估, 是为了包容而设计的吗, 具有文化敏感性和语言亲和力.
  • Grantmaking: 我们仔细审查我们资助工作的每一个方面, 从申请流程到实地考察和能力建设项目, 增加包容性. This work includes removing language and cultural barriers to empower Spanish-speaking communities.
如果您有兴趣了解更多关于这项工作的信息,请联系 世界堡通讯和对外影响高级总监. 
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